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Affordable Website Malware Removal For Businesses

For several years, I have enjoyed a substantial income from the sales on my website Then one day, I was notified by my hosting company that my site contained malware. I could not believe the devastating news. My income came to a halt. This occurrence was overwhelming because I was worried that my site and ranking were gone. It is unimaginable to me that these hackers are so cruel as to shut down a website for personal gain.

My hosting company wanted their partner company to clean my site for a continuous monthly payment. I really could not support that option, so my search began. There were many instructions on the internet for removing the malware. I checked it out and was not comfortable with my skills. Most of the terminology was foreign to me, and I had a fear of crashing my site because of my limited skills.

As I expanded my investigation, I realized that my site was vulnerable because I had not kept the theme and plugins updated. The admin and password were easy to guess. Fortunately, I located through their Facebook, and my website was cleaned and hardened against future attacks for a one-time affordable fee of $99.99. My website was restored and back online in a few days. This company has outstanding customer service.

WordPress Malware Removal Saved Our Website

The WordPress Core has strong security, but it can be hacked by unscrupulous cyber criminals. The point of entry is generally the result of a weak user name or password, plugins, or themes that have not been updated to the latest versions. Sometimes shared hosting can be responsible for security breaches.

However,  there are ways that you can make your WordPress website stronger to eliminate or least make it extremely difficult for hackers to infiltrate your site with malicious malware. Complex user name and passwords are a good start. Deleting themes you are not using, and updating your current theme and plugins make it very difficult for hackers. Building a strong firewall around your site is important too.

When a WordPress website has been hacked, Google generally notifies the owner. Most people are overwhelmed not sure what to do next. Assessing the infiltration can be difficult especially if you are not an experienced techie. The internet offers many free sites to check the damage, but getting the malware off your site is not that easy. Go to for an affordable solution to your problem.

The most important thing to do is to hire an experienced service to eliminate the malware and get your website back on online. is a premier professional service that will remove the malware and strengthen you WordPress website to prevent future infiltration for one low cost fee. This company literally saved our website and educated us how to prevent future infiltration.