Affordable Website Malware Removal For Businesses

For several years, I have enjoyed a substantial income from the sales on my website Then one day, I was notified by my hosting company that my site contained malware. I could not believe the devastating news. My income came to a halt. This occurrence was overwhelming because I was worried that my site and ranking were gone. It is unimaginable to me that these hackers are so cruel as to shut down a website for personal gain.

My hosting company wanted their partner company to clean my site for a continuous monthly payment. I really could not support that option, so my search began. There were many instructions on the internet for removing the malware. I checked it out and was not comfortable with my skills. Most of the terminology was foreign to me, and I had a fear of crashing my site because of my limited skills.

As I expanded my investigation, I realized that my site was vulnerable because I had not kept the theme and plugins updated. The admin and password were easy to guess. Fortunately, I located through their Facebook, and my website was cleaned and hardened against future attacks for a one-time affordable fee of $99.99. My website was restored and back online in a few days. This company has outstanding customer service.